The base class linked_node provides functionality to create systems of interconnected turtles. It is used by two simulations: the string fixed at one end point and the net stretched on a frame. You can click and move the turtle in both simulations.
Here are some rules of using the base class to create custom nodes:

  • Node must be initialized before start. Initialization has to fill the list of connected nodes: :links, so usually you need to create nodes and initialize them in the second pass, when all turtles are present in some structure.
    At the end of initialization call initialized :r :px :py function. It is needed to setup the initial position of the turtle and its radius which is used to calculate a force between nodes.
  • Override function fcoeff :d to change the default formula of the force at specified distance.
  • Set "fixed := true to pin the turtle in its position.
  • Setup a single timer to run the simulation:
    "clock := timer [
      signalw "forces
      (signalw "step :dt)
      signal "loss
    ] 20
    Timer interval should be short to keep high precision of step and force calculations, and long enough to let the turtles make theirs steps.
  • Setup another timer to repaint the graphics window (and avoid too frequent redraws):
    "painter := timer [refresh] 50
  • There are also a few parameters like the node mass, gravity force, etc, which are easy to understand from the code. Have fun!

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