Array is a fixed size data collection, which allows modification of values of its data members (elements).

Elements of an array can be of any type; single array can contain elements of different types. Declaration of a constant array in the code has the following format: {a b c 1 2} (elements are separated with a white spaces; elements are assumed to be words or numbers; [] i {} used inside the array are treated as a nested lists and arrays).
Instructions item and setitem and indexing (,) and assignment (:=) operators are used to read or modify elements on any position inside an array. Adding to or removing elements from an array is not possible, you should use a list to do such operations on a data collection.

The for loop is used to navigate backward through the elements in the array.

make "a newarray 5
print :a
for [i [count :a] 1] [:a,:i := repcount]
print :a


{0 0 0 0 0}
{5 4 3 2 1}

See also:

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