Classes and class hierarchy

Class definition
Access to class members (operator @)
Inheritance, virtual functions
Nested functions

use - declaration of inheritance from a base class

newo, newobject - create object (synchronous constructor)
anewo, anewobject - create object (asynchronous constructor)
newobjects - create many objects (synchronous constructor)
anewobjects - create many objects (asynchronous constructor)

newp, newplot - create plot (synchronous constructor)
anewp, anewplot - create plot (asynchronous constructor)

newt, newturtle - create turtle (synchronous constructor)
anewt, anewturtle - create turtle (asynchronous constructor)
newturtles - create many turtles (synchronous constructor)
anewturtles - create many turtles (asynchronous constructor)

destroy - delete turtle

all - get list of all turtles
children - list of child turtles
parent - parent turtle
this - current turtle
who - get turtle's name
world - turtle's world name

See also:

Turtle - object
#, turtle - get a turtle

Function as a value
$, func - get function as a value

include - include a source code file

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