Operations on data sets


list - create a list
sentence, se - create a list
array - create an array
newarray - create an array
plist - create a dictionary

fput - create a copy with an extra item in front
lput - create a copy with an extra item at the end

readlist - read list from a file
readarray - read array from a file
readmatrix - read matrix from a file
readnumpy - read array from a numpy file


listtoarray - create an array from a list
arraytolist - create a list from an array
parse - create a list from a word


item, ref, operator , - item at index
first - the first item
last - the last item
butfirst, bf - copy except the first item
butlast, bl - copy except the last item
row - return selected rows in a collection
column, col - return selected column(s) from a collection
submatrix - return select rows and columns from a collelction
select - select items from a collection
pick - random item(s)


set, setitem - set item at index
push - put item on a stack
pop - return item from a stack
queue - add item to a queue
dequeue - return item from a queue


arrayp, array? - is this an array?
listp, list? - is this a list?
plistp, plist? - is this a dictionary?

emptyp, empty? - is this an empty set?
contains?, containsp - collection contains item?
count - number of items in a set

See also:

writedata - write data to a file
range - array of integers from a range

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