Constructors and conversions

word - create a word
list - create a list
sentence, se - create a list
array - create an array from values
newarray - create an array of given size
genarray - create an array using code
range - create array of integers from a range
plist - create a dictionary

fput - create a copy with a new entry in front
lput - create a copy with a new entry at the end

readlist - read list from a file
readarray - read array from a file
readimage - read image from a file
readmatrix - read matrix from a file
readnumpy - read array from a numpy file

timer - create a timer
image - create an image

listtoarray - create an array from a list
arraytolist - create a list from an array
toword - convert to a word
parse - create a list from a word

newo, newobject - create object (synchronous constructor)
anewo, anewobject - create object (asynchronous constructor)
newobjects - create many objects (synchronous constructor)
anewobjects - create many objects (asynchronous constructor)

newp, newplot - create plot (synchronous constructor)
anewp, anewplot - create plot (asynchronous constructor)

newt, newturtle - create turtle (synchronous constructor)
anewt, anewturtle - create turtle (asynchronous constructor)
newturtles - create many turtles (synchronous constructor)
anewturtles - create many turtles (asynchronous constructor)

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