window, wrap, fence, bounce - set mode of crossing the edges
setbackground, setbg - set bacground color
clearall - clear all
clearscreen, cs - go back to (0, 0), clear the graphics window
clean - clean the graphics window
refresh - refresh grafhics window

Turtle commands

shownp, shown? - is turtle visible?
showturtle, st - show turtle's icon
hideturtle, ht - hide turtle's icon
turtleimg, ti - get turtle's icon
setturtleimg, setti - set turtle's icon
turtlecolor, tc - get color of a turtle's icon
setturtlecolor, settc - set color of a turtle's icon
palette - create an array of colors from a palette
setpalette - set color palette
color - get a color components array
setcolor - create new color

pendownp, pendown? - is pen down?
pendown, pd - pen down (start drawing)
penup, pu - pen up (stop drawing)
pensize, ps - get pen size
setpensize, setps - set pen size
pencolor, pc - get pen color
setpencolor, setpc - set pen color
headdir - direction vector of a turtle's heading
heading - turtle's heading in degrees
setheaddir - set turtle's heading vector
setheading, seth - set turtle's heading in degrees
towards - heading in degrees towards a point
movedir - turtle's move direction
setmovedir - set turtle's move direction
reflect - reflect the vector of move direction
alignh - set turtle's heading to its move direction
xcor, ycor - get turtle's coordinate
setx, sety - set turtle's coordinate
setxy - set turtle's coordinates
pos - get turtle's position
setpos - set turtle's position
home - go back to position (0, 0)
distance - get distance to a point or a turtle
move - step in turtle's move direction
forward, fd - step forward (in the direction of the turtle's heading)
back, bk - step backward (opposite to the turtle's heading)
right, rt - turn right
left, lt - turn left
radius - get radius of a turtle
setradius, setr - set radius of a turtle
line - draw a line
arc - draw an arc

point - get color at current position
pointat - get color at given position
pointxy - get color at given coordinates
setpoint, putpoint - set color at current position
setpointat, putpointat - set color at given position
setpointxy, putpointxy - set color at given coordinates
image - create an image
readimage - read image from a file
writeimage - write image to a file
imagep, image? - is this an image?
stamp - draw image at current position
stampat - draw image at given position
stampxy - draw image at given coordinates
render - render graphics with a function
savescr - write content of the grafhics window to a file

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