POOL for Windows Desktop
Integrated environment for development and running POOL programs under Windows.
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Windows may complain about the security during the installation. In order to install the software please open "More information" or similar option in the system message window and choose to run the program anyway.
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POOL Command Line
Simplified, 'graphical' command line for systems with Framework .NET (e.g. Mono for Linux and Mac OS X).
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  • Reactivation - as time allows. :)
  • Fixed grid lines rendering.
  • Moved to Framework.NET 4.8.

  • Domain and servers changed. All programs up and running.

  • readnumpy - read array from numpy file

  • "Plot" turtles (for data collections visualization) and "objects" (light, without graphical representation).
  • Vector icons for turtles and data point on plots.
  • Read filses from the URL locations.
  • New instructions:
    • (a)newplot, (a)newobject - plot and object constructors
    • apply - apply instruction list to items in collection
    • column - select columns in collection
    • contains? - contains word or item?
    • filelis - file names list
    • genarray - create and initialize array with provided instructions
    • histogram - calculate histogram of values in collection
    • max, min - find maximum or minimum value
    • mean - calculate mean value
    • range - create collection of intigers from range
    • readmatrix - read matrix from file
    • row - select rows in collection
    • select - seleccct items in collection
    • stdev - calculate standard deviatio value
    • submatrix - select columns and rows in collection
    • world - name of turtle workspace
  • New configuration parameters in :pool_cfg variable.

  • Multithreaded compiler.
  • Support for the mutual recursion.
  • Improved syntax highlighting.

  • Optimized code for reading / writing function arguments.
  • Fixes in the parser of default expressions for function optional arguments.